Please bear with me because I’m an angsty person and I need to rant.

I’m currently still studying, and we all know how schools are like. People in schools are weird. Very weird. All classes have the overly pretentious guy, the guy who never studies, the suck ups and so on.

Of course, because schools, there is obviously a prefectorial system (I don’t think this applies if you’re in a US public school), and there’s where the problem comes in.

You see, suck ups, who are by nature also pretentious, often become prefects. Even in schools with voting systems. Why is this so? That’s unfair right? If you did not vote for them, why would they become a prefect anyway?

The problem occurs because of 2 factors: an excess of pretentious people and teachers who are pretentious/unable to see through the suckups BS. Sadly, both are inevitable in today’s overly competitive academic environment.

This means your miserable vote (or lack of) doesn’t count for ANYTHING whatsoever. That’s right, you won’t be able to stop the school from turning into a pretentious poophole.

And that’s what sucks.

If you agree with what I said or have anything to say do drop a comment down below. I will be doing more of these life things in the future.

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