Now as we all know, many people are so goddamned biased against video games. I’m writing this because today, I literally heard this (not directed towards me, but from someone else)

I’d rather you do nothing productive at all than play games

What the fuck? No, like seriously. What’s wrong with games? Why would you think that it is counterproductive? You’d rather I do nothing than play video games. Are you so fucking biased against video games? Heck, dude could be doing drugs or smoking, but he’s playing video games. Would you rather he do drugs? Would you rather he has illegal sex? Would you rather he [insert really bad, taboo, illegal thing here]? Well then, why would you complain about video games? Anything wrong?

Seriously, these people should be sued for slandering video games.

That’s all for today’s ANGRY rant. If you like to see me rage, or if you want more, stay tuned!

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