Ok, so I’ve gotten many ridiculous things said about me because I am a web developer and I use WordPress for my website.

WordPress “web” “developer” – Is Charles a Weeb? (YES)

“Nice wordpress” – MOON HEEN

lmao wordpress – binner

So I’ve decided to answer to these ridiculous idiots on the real reason why I use WordPress.

Because I’m too lazy

Are you seriously going to complain that I use WordPress? I mean come on, it takes skill to setup a VM in vSphere, install and configure NGINX, PHP7-FPM and letsencrypt, not to mention CloudFlare and all. And by the way, the database needs to be manually created. No, there isn’t an automatic tool to do that.

I mean, I could make my own website, but I’m too busy working on other stuff anyway. Plus if WordPress works, why not use it?

Shame on you.

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